Leaving the Multiplex Behind


About the Site

Here at Stay@Home, we’re not interested in the goings on of big budget Hollywood; instead we aim to shine a light on the parts of the industry that the majority tend to ignore. From direct to DVD/streaming releases to movies with a very limited (25 theaters or less) theatrical run, to the truly independent world of self-distribution and the somewhat cheesy realm of made for television, Stay@Home wants to be your guide as you begin to venture beyond the multiplex. There’s a brave big world of film out there, just waiting to be discovered.

About the Author

Jonathan Sullivan began writing about movies in 2009 and since then he’s written for any blog that was willing to have him, including The Film Stage where he was lucky enough to cover the 2011 SXSW Film Festival on their behalf. Although he still contributes to TFS (as well as Man, I Love Films), Jon has grown all but tired of the mainstream Hollywood crap and has moved on to a different scene altogether in the movie industry. Here’s hoping it wasn’t in vain. When not writing about movies, he goes to college for Psychology, works a crappy day job, and indulges in his obsession with comic books and pro wrestling history. He also spends many nights trying to convince himself Ska is still alive when he really knows the opposite.

Contact Information

Questions/Comments/Website Stuff/General Inquiries: Email Jon at

Press Inquiries (Screeners, Coverage, Interviews, etc.): Email Jon (again) at . Yes two separate emails because why not? Oh right because it’s stupid.

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