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Movie Review: ALIEN ARMAGEDDON (2011)

Posted by Jonathan Sullivan on December 6, 2011

Starring: Katharine McEwan, Don Scribner, Rochelle Vallese, Benjamin J. Cain Jr.

Written and Directed by: Neil Johnson

Distributed by: Phase 4 Films

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Don’t judge Alien Armageddon by its cover; although it seems like a rip-off of both Cowboys and Aliens and Battle: L.A. it’s actually a work that feels completely of its own. Playing out like a trashy science fiction novel, writer/director Neil Johnson presents 90 minutes that is filled with interesting ideas, above average special effects, and more importantly decent acting. Unfortunately it goes a little overboard with both the information and the set up, slowing down the proceedings and it will most likely test the patience of any potential viewers. Those who stick with it though may be pleasantly surprised.

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