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Posted by Jonathan Sullivan on January 11, 2012

Starring: Neil Patrick Harris, Bonnie Somerville, Amy Sedaris, Jenna Stern

Written by: Josh Shelov & Michael Jaeger

Directed by: Josh Shelov

Distributed by: New Video Group

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The Best and the Brightest is a farcical take on the trials and tribulations of getting a child into a private kindergarten in the hustle and bustle world of New York City (the greatest city in the world, for those who’ve never been to any other city). In other words, privileged people with asinine problems played for laughs. Unfortunately, said laughs are few and far between and for those who don’t belong to/empathize with this world, it feels like a pointless endeavor.

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Notable DVD Releases – December 13, 2011

Posted by Jonathan Sullivan on December 13, 2011

When Billy Bob offers you a handful of manure, YOU TAKE IT.

Here’s what you’ll find this week on the DVD shelves: a long on the shelf surrealist movie about manure salesman, three horror films (one that got some festival love this year, one with a dumb premise, the other with a “so ridiculous I already love it” premise), and a release attempting to ride the buzz of The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. Hope your couch is nice and comfortable.

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